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I would do the official meme for this, but I only have one plot that can really go into motion ATM. The other things are far off in the future and only theoretical at this point. Plus, that'd be a lot of spoilers.

Insert cool plot name here
The following is a potential plot that will center primarily around Hibiscuspaw, Shelljaw, and Nightstorm, and partially Palmstar as as well. 

This plot is likely to happen to Hibi within a week or so. Some stuff will happen in Rushingclan and she'll go out to Sharkclan's territory, looking for a fight to try and blow off some  pent up rage.  She finds it in Shelljaw shortly after meeting her, and gets her tail handed to her quickly. 

Shelljaw walks off as Hibiscuspaw limps off. After Shelljaw is out of sight though, Hibiscuspaw stops and lies down, figuring that even if she did make it back in time before she bled out Spiderfur probably wouldn't treat her anyways. (she has her reasons for thinking this)

A few minutes later Nightstorm finds her. This would fit under the plot Rescuer in Nightfrost's plots needed thingy. She can probably tell that Shelljaw was the one that did it. But I can imagine that since the two had that fight they don't get along, and so she wouldn't care. And would probably try and help Hibiscuspaw any how. This concept is a little along the lines of, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, or something like that. She'd try to take Hibiscuspaw back to her clan, but Hibi would tell her, "Naw, we won't get there in time. I'll bleed out before then."

So where do the two end up? In Sharkclan's medicine cat den. Which is much closer. (I imagine Palmstar might say yes to treating Hibi because even though she did tresspass and start the fight, an apprentice dying from his clan's claws could put a serious dent in his cheer for "world peace." 

What follows? Who knows. Of course this will need the joint okay of all three of you to even get this started. Palmstar's RPer, Shelljaw's RPer, and Nightstorm's as well.

This plot can be edited, naturally, and can change on a dime depending on what the actual results of the RP, this is all just theory and guessing from what I've seen if the plots you're looking at and putting them together like a puzzle. Of course I don't have all the pieces of the puzzle, and that's why you're here. 

To either say the plot won't work at all, make adjustments where needed, or A-okay it for RP.

Whatever you three decide is cool with me ^^


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